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Do you have a mobile or web application project ? We offer you both! From interface design to the development of your application, we offer you a Webassembly solution : this allows your app to work in all browsers at an almost native speed on your processor.

From a simple sketch on a piece of paper to the publication of your application on the different stores, several steps are necessary to achieve a successful project. Our different areas of expertise allow us to best support you in the design of your mobile or web application.
Tell us about your goals and we will suggest solutions tailored to your needs.

UX Design work

Ergonomic reflection upstream to guarantee an optimal user experience, research work, design of the tree structure and wireframe of the application.

UI Design work

Design of the application by adapting your graphic charter to the model, which will be provided for development.

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We develop and publish your application for Android and iPhone / iPad (other systems: web, desktop, embedded…).

We use powerful and recognized tools that produce native and robust code for each OS.
We can thus use the specific resources of each system if necessary.

An application design

ergonomic & neat.

It all starts with ergonomic thinking, from the tree structure to the implementation of wireframes. Then, we also take care of the UI design part! Our skills allow us to create complete models both at UX and UI level.

We deliver models made with Adobe XD software, which allow the prototype to be put into action in order to better visualize its use, as in this video opposite:


tailored to your needs.

In order to best meet your needs for the realization of your application, we use innovative technologies : Android and iOS applications, but also Web, PWA, Desktop, Embedded, IoT.

We also use the WebAssembly solution, the World Wide Web standard for application development: a new type of code that is executable from a browser, which has been designed to complement JavaScript with superior performance.

Let’s talk about your needs and establish a complete specification to launch your project !

Let's talk technical

Here is the list of platforms we offer for publishing your application :

  • Android (Google Play and
  • Amazon Store)
  • iOS (App Store)
  • Web apps (including PWA) in Web Assembly (also compatible with WordPress and usual web servers)
  • Raspberry Pi, Arduino, i.MX …
  • Windows, Linux, Mac OS

Usually offered services and technologies (for mobiles):

  • Native apps
  • Navigations and native interfaces (Android / iOS) or completely tailor-made
  • Multilingual
  • Notifications
  • Monetization (advertising, in-app payment, etc.)
  • Bluetooth and BLE …
  • 2D and 3D charts
  • 2D and 3D animations
  • Geolocation, Here type map services etc.
  • Data management (classic SQL DBMS or Firebase, etc.)
  • Use of web services (REST API)
  • Augmented Reality, machine learning and AI features
  • Gamification
  • Analytics
  • Theming

Our achievements of web & mobile apps

Need a mobile app or a website ?

Let's talk about it together !