Following our participation in the Annecy startup weekend two years ago where we presented a mobile application project and were awarded the design prize, we are happy to announce the release on the stores of our Coogli application !

Coogli, the pregnancy monitoring and baby monitoring application

Coogli is a mobile application project to facilitate the daily management of parents when a baby arrives, thanks to a participative dashboard. From pregnancy follow-up to daily baby follow-up, Coogli makes life easier for parents.

To find out more, follow Coogli on social media or download the app from the Android and Apple stores :

Why download coogli ?

🌞 Are you looking for practical help in organizing everyday life?
Coogli is a mobile application intended for young parents and their entourage in order to facilitate the management of daily life when a baby arrives.

🍼 With Coogli, note and track food, sleep, hygiene and all the events concerning your baby’s life and share them with your spouse to facilitate the organization of family life.

📱 Centralize everything on a single app:
With Coogli, simplify the new management of your family life when your baby arrives.

The mobile application allows you to save all the important data to organize your daily life and restore them if necessary:
📈 Its size and weight, without any injunction or standardization, and the output of its teeth.
🍼 Write down his meal times
😴 Note his hours of sleep to better organize yourself and follow his evolution
📆 Important appointments that affect your child’s life with a shared agenda that parents have access to
Keep memories of events, first word, first smile, first stupidity…

🤰 Before the birth of the baby follow the evolution of the pregnancy:
✨ Follow week after week the evolution of the fetus.
✨ Create an album with pregnancy memories.
✨ Search with your partner for first name ideas for your future child thanks to a fun tool that allows you to agree.

All in one app !

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