From idea

to publication of your app or website

We put our skills in UX Design and no-code development at your service
throughout the realization of your project, and even after.

We believe that it is essential to work together and to integrate our customers into the heart of the project, which is why we draw up precise specifications concerning your expectations, and set up a back-planning in order to validate step by step together the progress in the realization of your project, by phone, videoconference, or face-to-face meeting in Annecy and surroundings, in Savoie and Haute-Savoie.

Brief & specifications

Tell us about your project and together we draw up a detailed specification of your needs.

Project study & quotation

We study your project in detail, in order to provide you with a quote adapted to your needs, modular and scalable.

Implementation of a back-planning

Together, we formalize your goals and our proposal in the form of progressive delivery steps. This makes progress and acceptance easier, with complete peace of mind.

UX design work

Ergonomic reflection time in order to achieve an application that is simple and fluid to use. Creation of wireframes, a sort of "skeleton" of the application.

UI Design work

Creation of models of your application according to your graphic charter, with a neat design and in your image.

No-code development work

Development of your application or website in no-code, tailor-made and turnkey, based on the models made upstream of UX UI Design.

Publication on the various stores (and / or on the web or other media)

Your project becomes concrete! At this stage you receive the complete deliverables to test, then we make the necessary adjustments in order to publish your application on the different media chosen (Google Play, AppStore, web).

We support you

And the life of your project has only just begun!
We can continue to support you in the evolution of your product, enriching it with updates, as often as you wish, to the satisfaction of your users.

Interested in designing your website too ? We are taking care of it !
Entrust us with the realization of your website, from design to development.

Who we are ?

Loopsun is a skills platform with varied but complementary profiles. Fanny Koch is the founder of Loopsun and your main contact to support you throughout the realization of your project, and calls on experienced professionals for effective teamwork that best meets your expectations.

Developpement applications mobiles, haute-savoie, savoie, suisse, france, geneve

Fanny Koch

UX & UI designer

Founder of Loopsun and CEO – UX UI Freelance designer and trainer at My Digital School Annecy, Lyon and Grenoble.

Developpement applications mobiles, haute-savoie, savoie, suisse, france, geneve

Jérémie Bottollier Curtet

Full stack developer

Web and mobile

Correcteur rédacteur web contenus site internet application mobile

Lucile Desjardins (Gobet)

Writer editor

Writing and correction of content.
Literary expertise: spelling, grammar, style and overall consistency. Freelance.

Arthur Bolot Motion designer / illustrateur Motion designer 2D et illustrateur freelance

Arthur Bolot

Motion designer / illustrator

Motion designer 2D
and illustrator

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